July 2024 Magazine

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As well as readers from the world of HR, the magazine is also extremely popular among SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Organisations and is very usual for line managers, heads of department, senior management, managing directors and other professionals throughout the country who play a vital role in the development of people within all industry sectors in Scotland. Published bi-monthly with a minimum of 48 full colour, high quality pages, Hr NETWORK (SCOTLAND) magazine is informative and a ‘must have’ for its readers, and brings with it in every issue, great opportunities and benefits for advertisers and sponsors too.

Hr NETWORK Magazine July 2024

Professional Development: Great(er) Expectations

How often do you ask your colleagues about their professional development expectations? Andy Moore discovers why it’s so important for practitioners to listen and then tailor team and career enhancement initiatives that deliver the ‘WOW factor’ in professional development.

Also in the latest issue:

  • The regular sections of the magazine include: Stats, EXTRA and The Bookshop
  • The ‘Insights’ section features first class comment from those in the know on a range of subjects including: Hybrid Working Model, Neurodiversity, Authenticity, Benefits of Volunteering

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Forward Features

This is the current forward features schedule of Hr NETWORK (SCOTLAND) magazine. To ensure the magazine remains as topical as possible and only features articles that explore current issues, this list is subject to change. The publisher reserves the right to alter the forward features schedule at any time.

January/February 2023

  • Review of 2022: A tumultuous year!
  • Review of Hr NETWORK Awards 2022
  • EXTRA: Handling Menopause 
  • Psychology of Change

March/April 2023

  • Our New World of Work
  • Alcohol & Drug Testing in the Workplace
  • Preview of Hr NETWORK Conference 2023
  • Nominations open for Awards 2023

May/June 2023

  • Developing an Inclusive Culture
  • Transversal Management
  • Preview of Hr NETWORK Conference 2023
  • Big Data in an HR World

July/August 2023

  • Enhancing the Employee Experience
  • Review of Hr NETWORK Conference 2023
  • EXTRA: Planning, Policies & People
  • Hybrid Working Solutions

September/October 2023

  • HR & Analytics
  • Aligning Talent & Business
  • Introducing the Judges for Awards 2023
  • Employee Relations

November/December 2023

  • Workplace Harmony
  • Emerging HR Trends for 2024
  • EXTRA: Christmas Parties
  • Preview: Hr NETWORK Awards Finalists 2023


Hr NETWORK magazine provides readers informative and concise information which will help you in your HR role or the role where your responsibilities lie in the area of staff development and management.

We feature a range of topics considered crucial to the success of any organisation who has placed an emphasis on the value of their staff in-line with the success of the organisation.

Topics Covered

  • training

  • policies and procedures

  • employment law

  • pay and reward

  • performance

  • employee relations

  • recruitment
    and selection