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Hr NETWORK Magazine

Hr NETWORK Magazine May 2021

July 2021

Hr NETWORK magazine is the leading magazine for all HR & Training practitioners, qualified and non-qualified throughout Scotland.

As well as readers from the world of HR & Training in Scotland, the magazine is also extremely popular among SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Organisations and is distributed as part of the new ‘membership benefits subscription’ to line managers, heads of department, senior management, managing directors and other professionals throughout the country who play a vital role in the development of people within all industry sectors in Scotland.

Britain’s Army’s Got Talent

Career advancement in the Army is like no civvy street operation, and with some 243 different trades to juggle recruits and talent for, the current focus on overhauling how talent is retained and developed across the Army presents an interesting challenge. Neil Archibald has visited the officers’ mess to find out more.

Also in the latest issue:

  • The regular sections of the magazine include: Stats, Legal Bites and The Bookshop
  • The ‘Insights’ section features first class comment from those in the know on a range of subjects including: Hybrid Working; Ethical Leadership; People Data; Redundancy; Ignored Colleagues; Talent Technology
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