Bullying and harassment can make working life a misery and few would disagree that bullies are bad for business as well as for employee relations. So why is this kind of behaviour so widespread in the UK’s workplaces?

Why is it difficult for managers to tackle effectively and what are the risks if they get it wrong?

Workplace bullies and harassers risk being sacked for gross misconduct, even if they had no intent to cause distress. However, it often comes as a shock to discover that the organisation, and even the manager dealing with the dispute, could be legally liable for the behaviour of others.

Tribunal awards can be astronomical and pose a very real risk to employers – to say nothing of the bad publicity and possible criminal liability that can come with a claim. Understanding how the law of bullying and harassment applies in practice and how to avoid liability is critical to defending yourself from a claim and could save you time and money to boot.

Bullying and Harassment Seminar: Thursday 25th February, Glasgow

This interactive workshop puts the law in a practical setting and will equip you with the tools you need to bring tricky cases to a safe and satisfactory conclusion for all involved. We will explain and analyse the issues in both practical and legal terms and outline how employers can tackle them effectively, sensitively and lawfully.

The session is ideal for general and line managers seeking to develop skills in this area and will also benefit HR managers looking to refresh their knowledge.

Join Law At Work on the 25th Feb at their Glasgow Office from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Each session will convene 15 minutes before the start time for each event for light refreshments and to enable networking with other attendees.

Please note LAW are also running this course in our Edinburgh Office on the 17th of February – Full details and booking can be made by following this link: http://www.lawatwork.co.uk/focus-on