Fail to plan. How many times do we use that phrase with our employees and highlight the pitfalls of failing to plan?  And, are we, as good employers, taking the positive next step by encouraging and helping them plan for their life; life with their family, out-with the boundaries of the office?

Taking advantage of the world of digitalisation, For When I Am Gone has been created as a vital repository for the contact information that, in this paperless society, can be nigh on impossible to find when a person dies or loses capacity. Contact information of friends secreted behind a pin number on a mobile phone to banking and financial information stored behind a myriad of passwords can all be included in this simple, easy to use solution.

The site has another purpose which is to allow it’s members to consider and store their Funeral Wishes in a section dedicated to exactly that.  With one in four families never recovering from disagreement over funerals where no wishes have been left, For When I Am Gone carefully walks through every aspect of funeral planning. By helping reduce the pain of incongruity and leaving firm plans in place, this site gives members peace of mind that their loved ones will know what to do when the times comes.

Members can leave messages in any digital format for friends, colleagues and family to be sent at a pre-determined time after their passing.

At a time where we are under increasing pressure to give employees benefits which have PURPOSE, VALUE and SUSTAINABILITY, For When I Am Gone, ticks all these boxes and more. By supporting your investment in your people and their families, this product is a natural fit with positive work – life standards.

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