Amongst the biggest decisions you may ever make, is deciding to start your own business. As an HR professional, whether you go it alone or join a franchise, you’ll need to get clued up about which path is right for you, so read on.

So why would you consider leaving the corporate rat race and starting your own outsourced HR business? It all depends on your circumstances, your goals and ultimately your drive. For some, being their own boss is all they’ve ever wanted. For others it may be as simple as craving more time to spend with family by losing the daily commute. Whatever the reason, be assured that your HR skills are in high demand!

Being your own boss will mean using those skills to build your own business and earn your own income. Simply put, you will reap the rewards from your efforts! But in going it alone, where are your efforts best spent? By starting a business from the ground up, most of your time and money will initially be spent on marketing: building a website, building a brand, getting your service offerings in place etc. Then you’ll need to get your HR documentation arranged, sort out your brand materials, get a CRM system up and running; the to-do list is huge!

An alternative is to join a franchise. Partnering with The HR Dept franchise is something to consider. They have already built up a network of dozens of HR professionals throughout the UK and Ireland, all operating in their own exclusive territories.

By following The HR Dept’s business model, your route to market will be much faster, your business set up for you, your marketing ready to go including your website and other collateral. And best of all, you won’t be alone! You’ll have the support of more than 50 other licensees, a personal dedicated HR adviser and a central office team there for you. This is why 90% of all total UK franchises succeed, compared to 50% of lone business start-ups.

Want to learn more? Please download their Expert Guide. If you’d like to discuss The HR Dept opportunity further, please do get in touch with them. Email or phone 0845 180 1120 and speak to one of their team. Whichever path you go down, they wish you the best of luck!