Responding to the outcome of the EU Referendum, Law At Work’s Donald MacKinnon comments:

“The results are in and, against many predictions, the UK has voted to leave the European Union.  The fallout from the vote will clearly be significant with the announcement by the Prime Minister that he is resigning and the potential for a snap general election.

“In the short term, we are conscious that there will be a period of uncertainty for many businesses as to the likely consequences of the vote and its longer term implications.

“From an employment law and health & safety perspective, it is difficult to predict what the implications of Brexit will be.  In the short term, little is likely to change in terms of rules and regulations governing both EL and H&S.  Arguably, even in the longer term, there are unlikely to be dramatic changes in the laws governing relationships at work.  My previous article on the possible employee related repercussions  of a Brexit vote sets out the position in more detail.

“It is our annual company meeting today and the vote will figure high on the agenda.  In the coming weeks and months, as the consequences of the vote sink in, we will be working with our clients to help them digest the implications and take steps to minimise any employee related issues that may arise.”