How will you see it?

Was she sexually harassed? Or was he wrongly accused?

A senior architect with a reputation for being a bit of a ‘silver fox’, a gym selfie, an office party where things went too far…

Or did they?

Book your ticket for LAW’s Mock Tribunal event series which examines the case of Christian Fox vs McCanno & Associates. Well-respected and well liked, Christian headed up the team at McCanno & Associates for three years – until he was accused of sexually harassing a trainee at the firm, that is. Eventually dismissed for gross misconduct, Christian has now raised a claim for unfair dismissal. Without any witnesses present it was a matter of his word against hers.

So, yet another #MeToo example or complete overreaction? This entertaining and thought-provoking event is an excellent way to get true-to-life insights into the reality of a tribunal. It’s ideal for line managers at any level who are looking to gain a better understanding of how management decisions, and the way they are interpreted, can result in claims.

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