March 2018 will see the publication of the new-look Hr NETWORK magazine which readers will find has a far more sociable and lifestyle look and feel to it . “For some time, we felt the need to freshen things up and introduce some new design features”, said founder and publisher of the magazine, Lee Turner.  He added: “When we introduced the new ‘paid’ memberships, we felt it was necessary to offer our readers more value for money and  we hope that our many readers and supporters will enjoy the fresh new look we have come up and we plan to introduce a few more new features as we progress through 2018.”

Readers will almost certainly notice the editorial content and word count has reduced across all the features with more emphasis on visual and colour impact. “Some of the editorial content from previous issues was quite ‘wordy’ said Lee but we have opted for more of the in favour of more bite sized chunks of information and updates that are much easier to digest and we also hope you find the magazine reflects a more cultural view of HR and the vibrant and energetic community we have around us.

A fresh new magazine coincides of course with offering our new ‘paid members’ with a magazine that offers true value both in terms of information contained within it and a true sense of community. We are delighted with the wonderful response from all those that have signed up for their members benefits and we are in the process of finalising some great additional benefits which we will announce very soon.

So if you too would like to be connected to a vibrant and energetic HR community that values your contribution to the profession, if you like what we do and you enjoy all the things that Hr NETWORK offers and if you value our commitment to improving the profession – then become a Member and help us provide you and your profession with even more benefits.

March Issue

In this forthcoming fresh and exciting new issue of Hr NETWORK, Andy Moore takes a closer look at the continuing fallout from the sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood and the UK since the breaking news of Harvey Weinstein and other sexual predators, broke in October last year.

The Awards Planning Team are pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the hotly anticipated Hr NETWORK National Awards 2018 which sees the introduction of the brand new Health and Wellbeing of the Year Award sponsored by Webhelp.

Margaret Gibson from Burness Paull LLP provides an employment law update on the widely reported #MeToo campaign and offers employers some valuable guidance on how best to deal with potential sexual harassment in the workplace.

Some previous regular sections of the magazine have been replaced with new features including: Editor-at-Large, Five Fab… and The New Bookshop. Other new features including ‘Head to Head’ will follow in forthcoming issues.

The new ‘Insight’ section of the magazine replaces Resources and features strong opinions and insight on a range of topics including: Substance Abuse and Leadership Characteristics.

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