In today’s war for talent, offering an enticing benefits package is the best way for companies to attract young employees, so much so that they would even consider changing employers for better benefits. This finding is revealed in The Benefits & Engagement Report: A European employer’s guide to the employee experience of the 2020s – a study commissioned by award-winning benefits technology provider, Benify, and conducted by global public opinion and data company, YouGov.

The study explores what benefits are most important for different employee groups, how benefits are related to employee engagement, and what effect HR tech platforms have on benefits appreciation and the overall employee experience.

Younger employees are easier to attract with a more attractive benefits offer than older employees. In fact, nine out of ten employees aged under 30 say they would consider changing employers to receive better employee benefits. This finding relates to women and men across Europe and in all industries.

More companies understand the need to offer employees benefits that not only support them at work but in their personal lives. “Employers are looking for ways to support all aspects of their employees’ lives.

For example, there has been an increase in recent years in “softer” benefits related to the company you work for, such as on-site childcare or heavily discounted products if you’re working for a retailer”, says Katie Goodwin, Head of Client Relations International, Benify.

The survey was conducted in April 2020 by YouGov, on behalf of Benify, in the form of an anonymous online survey with approximately 5,000 participants aged 18 and older in the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden.