Team Scotland cyclist supports campaign to help a million back pain sufferers

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Team Scotland’s Louise Haston is throwing her weight behind a crowdfunding campaign that aims to tackle one of the UK’s most prolific health problems – lower back pain. One in four people across the UK suffer from lower back pain and in Scotland this figure is even higher with almost 40% of the adult population affected by back pain on a regular basis.

These statistics have driven leading osteopath Gavin Routledge of Active X Backs to launch a fundraising drive on Friday 4 November via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, to raise £10,000 to publish an interactive work-book and website, that will help individuals restore their backs and return to a pain-free and active life.

Written by Gavin, who is a Gold Medallist and Vice Patron at the British School of Osteopathy in London, the Active X Backs Book is based on clinical guidelines and the latest in exercise rehabilitation. It provides a personalised plan and daily exercise program to build a stronger, pain free back and prevent recurrences.

Louise Haston, who helped pedal the para-cycling team to Scotland’s first medal of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, said: “Gavin has been a massive part of my sporting career. He’s helped me get back on track several times during my career. So many people continue to suffer from back pain throughout their lives. This is a really exciting project that will provide us all with an easy step-by-step guide to recovery and long term pain-free living.”

Active X Backs aims to fill a gap in the treatment process, helping sufferers outside the treatment room, with the work book featuring more than 80 images offering straight-forward exercises and support programme for people to carry out at home.

Gavin said: “I believe people should be able to wake up painlessly and live a full an active life, without being dependent on other people, or medication.

“I’ve been helping people for more than 25 years, but helping them to help themselves is a much harder task. Following a disc prolapse in my early twenties, my own back bothered me on and off for years. Other clinicians could only provide me with temporary relief via physical treatment or drugs. But, by following my own program, I was able to make a lasting recovery.

“Active X Backs provides the education and daily support desperately needed for back pain sufferers.”

The book has already been written and designed, the funds generated via Indiegogo will go towards the final production of the workbook and the further development of the website which supports the programme.

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