with Toni McAlindin

Thursday 1 September (SAS Radisson Glasgow)
Tuesday 6 September (Holiday Inn Edinburgh)

Toni’s annual update will include changes to legislation and to caselaw since the previous updates she delivered in September 2015. Not surprisingly a Conservative administration does not pass a great deal of legislation, regarding it as a burden on business. However, as at least one lawyer has said, there is a great deal of “we must do something about this” legislation which is often a knee jerk reaction to something which is not really a problem. For instance proposals to abolish or cut down restrictive covenants, to review termination payments amongst others, seem ill thought out.

Caselaw continues although it has been severely affected by an almost 75% drop in tribunal cases, something which might change in Scotland once the Smith proposals become law and the Scottish government is in charge of tribunals in Scotland and has promised to repeal the fee structure.

This will be the last of these employment seminars. Toni is winding down her work in Scotland but will continue to work in a more limited capacity. This means that, after the seminars, Andy McAlpine with whom she has worked on these seminars for the 17 years, will no longer be managing her database or issuing the six-weekly updates. So people are being encouraged do try to come along in September and say goodbye!

During these full day Employment Law Update Seminars (one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow – the content will be the same at both) Toni will cover all the latest legislation and proposals and new caselaw since last year.

Who will be attending? Human Resource and Personnel professionals (including those with responsibility for employee relations, industrial relations, and policy development), in house lawyers, Trade union officials / representatives, Works Council representatives.

What’s the cost?
£250 plus £50 VAT (20%) (£300)
£175 plus £35 VAT (20%) (£210) for the voluntary sector.

To book your place, Email: andy.mcalpine@btinternet.com or Tel: 01465 831122