Diversity and inclusion are increasingly becoming a priority for organisations, who are recognising the very real business benefits.   Research shows companies with diverse teams that are led inclusively perform better than those with more homogenous teams. Diverse teams are more likely to improve market share, have success in new markets, and demonstrate stronger collaboration and better retention.

Many companies across Scotland have recognised that maximising the power of different perspectives, opinions and backgrounds will help them succeed in their marketplace. Whether operating internationally, within the UK or Scotland, the importance of reaching an increasingly diverse workforce, customer base and communities is appreciated by many Scottish-based organisations.

One way Scottish organisations have chosen to be ahead of the game is by joining the Leadership Diversity and Inclusion Network. Established in 2014 by Argyll Fenton, the Advance Consultancy and Standard Life, the network has created a dialogue around diversity and inclusion issues relevant to all businesses.

Coming together every quarter, senior HR professionals, Diversity and Inclusion specialists and senior Talent and Leadership professionals have shared experiences, best practice and had opportunities to explore some of their business challenges.

Interest in the network has grown over the last year, with over 60 member companies of different sizes and sectors such as Drinks, Energy, Financial Services, Investment Banking, Transport, Engineering, Leisure, Legal, Media and Construction.

Since it’s launch, the organisers have received hugely positive feedback on the network, with members valuing the practical and varied nature of the events. Different network members have hosted meetings with varying formats to discuss a wide range of topics.

Events have focused on issues such as the gender pay gap, diversity and the customer, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership, with invited guest speakers.

With the network successfully established, Soraya Fenton, of Argyll Fenton and Kim Walker of the Advance Consultancy stepped back from facilitating the events at the end of last year. A committee of members is now in place to drive forward the success of the network.

They’ll continue to arrange innovative, practical events and stretch thinking around the diversity and inclusion agenda. I’m looking forward to the next event in the calendar, which is being hosted by Diageo in Edinburgh on 24th March where they will be considering the topic of ‘The Future World of Work’. There should be some great discussions.

If you’re interested in attending the event and joining the Leadership Diversity and Inclusion network, please contact committee member Susannah Donaldson – Email: Susannah.Donaldson@pinsentmasons.com