The latest survey from job board CV Library reveals that nearly half (46.8%) of Scottish professionals suffer from Sunday night fear. What’s more, a further 28.6% admit that they’ called in sick because they were too worried to go to work.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 British professionals, found that two thirds (66.7%) of workers in Aberdeen suffered from Sunday night fear; more than any other city in the UK. Glasgow professionals were also seriously affected by the problem, with 45.7% stating that they dread going back to work on Monday.

Alongside this, 33.3% of workers in Aberdeen have called in sick because they were too worried to go into work, followed by 29.4% of professionals in Glasgow and 22.9% in Edinburgh.

Lee Biggins from CV Library commented: “If you suffer from Sunday night fear on a regular basis then it’s time to change your working habits. Feeling stressed can have a negative impact on your health, mood and overall happiness; so it’s important that this doesn’t bleed into your personal life. Start by trying to leave your work at the office. If possible, take work emails off your mobile and be strict with yourself about not doing tasks outside of working hours.

Despite Scottish professionals dreading their return to work after the weekend, most actually think that Tuesday is the worst day of the working week; with only 3.2% of respondents choosing it as their favourite day.

Unsurprisingly, Friday emerged as Scotland’s favourite day of the working week, with 59.7% voting it number one. Alongside this, 66.1% of Scottish workers said they feel better about the week once Wednesday is done and they’re ‘over the hump’.

Biggins continues: “If you find that you can’t complete your daily workload within your typical working hours then you need to reach out to your manager for support. Discussing your to-do-list with your team leader will enable them to reassign work, help you with time management and ultimately improve your work-life balance. However, if your manager doesn’t try to help you find a solution it might be time to move on.”