Scottish business secures exclusive rights to new online mental fitness resource

Mind & Mission, the Scottish-based mental health consultancy, has secured exclusive rights to a ground-breaking online tool for assessing employee mental fitness in Scotland’s business community. The proprietary tool, developed by mental fitness specialist Cognomie, provides a mental fitness profile at individual, team, department or organisation level – providing invaluable insight for organisations to assess the mind of their organisation.

Kirsty Ritchie, co-founder and director at Mind & Mission, said: “Never has it been more vital for owners and leaders to understand the mind of their business, and the mental health status of their teams. The global working landscape has changed, possibly forever. Businesses have undoubtedly been facing unprecedented challenges during lockdown, as have employees, and we need to understand if employees are mentally fit to perform at their best.”

This strategic alliance between Mind & Mission and Cognomie will provide Scottish businesses with access to this well-invested, proven online resource which is already expanding globally. The ‘Cognosis’ report assesses an individual’s perception of their mental fitness split into three categories which enables an organisation to respond appropriately and use resources accordingly:

  • Myself – internal view of ability to manage thoughts and feelings positively and proactively

  • Environment – how you engage with your environment, mange relationships, communicate

  • Foundations – key aspects of mental fitness to develop and improve

Mind & Mission will leverage the technology and data to create accessibility and scalability for companies, to deliver the highest quality programme of work, to drive performance and development and to measure those results in terms of engagement, productivity and return on investment.

As a result of using the tool, Cognomie reports that 93% of employees feel they are more able to achieve professional goals; there is a 64% increase in engagement and 60% improvement in work performance.

John Young, co-founder of Cognomie, said: “We’re delighted to be in partnership with Mind & Mission. The pandemic has highlighted the need for organisations to make the mental fitness of their employees a strategic priority. Working with the highly skilled team at Mind & Mission, we can now help organisations in Scotland to ensure their employees can perform at their best. The dynamism and professionalism of Mind & Mission make them the perfect partner to bring the Cognosis tool into Scotland on an exclusive basis.”


Cognomie is focussed on developing a strong foundation of mental fitness and building performance for every individual. It goes deep into organisations to strengthen the foundations upon which culture, engagement and performance are built by offering instant access to expert coaching, to build skills, insight and competencies at every level.

Its ground-breaking online digital service is delivered by highly qualified international coaches, via its bespoke digital platform, developing mental fitness and providing sustainable long-term change and results for each individual, maximising the collective impact on performance for an organisation – tailored for each individual, in any global location, to maximise impact and return.