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Health and Wellbeing
Award of the Year

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Award Nomination Criteria

The Health & Wellbeing Award has been introduced to recognise, acknowledge and reward organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their people through the application of a range of health and wellbeing programmes, which meet the needs of all staff.

Typical Nominees: Nominations will be for the whole organisation. This award will take in to consideration the positive culture and health and wellbeing practices being encouraged in the workplace by one of Scotland’s many positive organisations.

Executive Summary:

Please provide a summary of your category nomination in no more than 500 words.

Supporting Evidence (essential):

  1. Evidence that health and wellbeing is embedded in the culture of the organisation and positive lifestyle choices by employees are actively encouraged and enabled
  2. Evidence of how a health and wellbeing culture is communicated across the organisation, which meet the needs of all employees
  3. Employers that understand and can provide evidence of the value of health and wellbeing in the workplace and is fully engaged with a range of health programmes offered to all employees
  4. Organisations must demonstrate evidence of impact the programme/initiative has had on the performance of the business. For example: sickness absence levels, accident rates, engagement scores as well as wider business performance measure like sales/profits
  5. Evidence that the organisation has made a commitment through the wellbeing programmes to positively impact employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Evidence of having a supportive policy and examples of how this has helped existing employees remain in work, is also sought

Benefits of sponsoring this category:

By sponsoring this category, you are directly supporting the HR community in Scotland. Hr NETWORK has been committed to supporting HR professionals and those closely associated with this vibrant and energetic community for more than 13 years.

Sponsoring this award category will enable you to:

  1. Promote your employer brand or products & services directly to the HR and business community across Scotland
  2. Enjoy rich content media coverage within Hr NETWORK magazine
  3. Showcase your brand throughout the year and at the Awards Gala Dinner
  4. Enjoy networking with a range of influential HR and business professionals
  5. Stand out from your competitors by showcasing your company’s commitment to supporting HR and business professionals across Scotland
  6. Build on your organisations’ credibility by supporting events which specifically support HR and business professionals across Scotland
  7. Entertain your key clients in a professional and credible environment
  8. Opportunity to present your sponsored category in the presence of 800 HR and people professionals

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Health and Wellbeing of the Year Award

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